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Building for WebGL

Our Unity Asset Store, Core, Complete, and Action versions of the plugins can only build standalone applications.
Please ensure that Git is installed on your computer prior to proceeding. Download Git from here.
Follow the Import and Setup Instructions from Import and Setup and Setting Up Unity Plugin.
If you face an error with missing Ready Player Me, add these lines to your manifest.json file in <Project Folder>/Packages folder.
"com.atteneder.gltfast": "",
"com.readyplayerme.avatarloader": "",
"com.readyplayerme.core": "",
"com.readyplayerme.webview": "",
Updating Ready Player Me packages (Core, WebView and AvatarLoader) to the latest version causes a persistent error: The type or namespace name 'GLTFDeferAgent' could not be found If prompted to update, please do not update Ready Player Me packages. Just click cancel. Last successfully tested version for Ready Player Me is as follows: Core: v1.3.2 WebView: v1.2.0 AvatarLoader: v1.3.3 If you have already upgraded, you can add these line to replace the corresponding existing lines to the <project folder>/Packages/manifest.json to revert the Ready Player Me packages to last stable version: "com.readyplayerme.avatarloader": "", "com.readyplayerme.core": "", "com.readyplayerme.webview": "",
When you are about to play the scene in the editor, you will notice that you are facing this error when you get in the range of the character.
EntryPointNotFoundException: initializeConvaiClient assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> member:(null)
ConvaiGRPCWebAPI.OnTriggerEnter (UnityEngine.Collider other) (at Assets/Convai/Scripts/Utils/ConvaiGRPCWebAPI.cs:80)
This is because we cannot test WebGL directly from the Unity Editor. We will have to create a development build to test out WebGL.
Before we do that, we will move the WebGL Templates folder out of the Convai folder and place it inside the Assets folder.
This will allow Unity to recognize the custom WebGL Template.
Open the Project Settings > Player Settings and head over to the WebGL settings. Under the Resolution and Presentation tab, select the Convai Template or the Convai PWA Template.
Then open the Build Settings, and switch your build platform to WebGL.
Check the development build field and then click on Build and Run.
Select the Folder where you want the build to be.
A WebPage with the WebGL version of the game will open up. Allow the microphone, and you are good to go!
For subsequent Build and Runs, use the Unity shortcut key Ctrl + B.
When you are ready with your production build, just uncheck the Development Build field in the Build Settings and you are set!