This page illustrates the method for integrating actions into your characters.


Welcome to the dynamic realm of character actions! Just imagine: your meticulously crafted characters are no longer standing still, but rather dancing, waving, or even performing complex maneuvers at your command. Isn't it exhilarating to think about the endless possibilities? Whether you want to add a simple gesture or craft an intricate sequence of movements, this page will serve as your gateway. Dive in to learn how to enable your characters into action.

Please note that the action section discussed here is specifically for using actions in the Convai Playground and is not related to game engine mechanics.


Let's examine the Actions interface, and then explore how to assign actions to your characters.

Character without Actions

Let us prompt the character, and observe their response before enabling any specific actions.

Adding Actions

  • Add your preferred action

  • Click the 'Update' button to refresh your character, then prompt it to execute the chosen action.

Complex Action Sequences

  • Add Further Actions to Your Character and click 'Update'

  • Prompt your complex action

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