Creating a Reallusion Character

This document explains how to create a Reallusion character with Character Creator 4.

Steps to create a Reallusion Character using Character Creator 4: -

  1. Use the Character Creation tool by Reallusion.

  2. Create / use default a character present there and add animations of your choice.

(Here we have used an already existing character named ‘CC4 Kevin’ and have added the idle animation and walking animation.

Link for Youtube Tutorial.)

  1. Export it in FBX format.

File > Export > FBX > Clothed Character

  1. Keep the following settings in Export FBX.

    • Target Tool Preset: - Unreal

    • FBX Options: - Mesh and Motion

    • Max Texture Size: - 4096 ( Choose the maximum available)

    • Frame Rate: - 30

    Check the custom section. Click the Load Perform button.

    • Uncheck First Frame in bind pose.

    • Check Export Mesh and Motion individually.

    • Check Save One Motion per File.

    Checking the Delete Hidden Faces option may avoid rendering issues.

  1. Click Export.

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