Version 2.1.0 (current)

What's Changed

  • VR Support: Implement Virtual Reality features to create a fully immersive experience with the press of a button.

  • AR Support: Integrate Augmented Reality capabilities, allowing characters and environments to interact with you in the real world with the press of a button.

  • Settings Panel: Introduce a comprehensive settings panel that allows users to customize their experience.

  • Microphone Test System: Incorporate a microphone testing feature to ensure optimal audio input quality.

  • Notification System: Implement a robust notification system to inform users of in-game events - specifically microphone-based issues.

  • Input Manager: Develop a custom input management system that supports various input devices such as keyboards, gamepads, and touchscreens using Unity's new Input System.

Bugs and Improvement

  • Fixed: Head Tracking Doesn’t Work Without Action Component issue fixed.

  • Improvement: Added support for a customizable and dynamic Chatbox.

  • Improvement: Improved Lip-Sync Smoothing and audio-visual synchronization.

  • Improvement: Implement Action Events and Event Callbacks.

  • Improvement: Improved Logging System.

  • Improvement: Added ability to interrupt Character Response with Voice Interruption.

  • Improvement: Improved mobile platform transcription UI.

Version 2.0.0

What's Changed

  • Lip-sync: Integrate off-the-shelf Lip-sync for Reallusion and Oculus-based Characters.

  • Text-in Voice-out: Chat with the character using text.

  • Character Importer: Import Ready Player Me characters created on the Convai Playground.

  • Feature Control System: Enable Convai features as needed through the Convai NPC component.

  • Logging System: Have better control over what Convai information you see on the debug console.

  • Enhanced player controller: Automatically triggers the characters when you focus on them and then deactivates them when your focus has shifted.

  • URP Upgrader: Upgrade the Render Pipeline to Universal Render Pipeline with the URP Upgrader package (present in the Convai Folder).

  • UI Improvements: Improved user experience with automatically fading UI canvas.

Bugs and Improvement

  • Fixed: Unlocking the cursor will still cause the first-person camera to move around.

  • Fixed: Exiting play mode before the character is done speaking will cause Unity to crash or not complete compilation.

  • Fixed: Extra space between multiple chunks of text in the UI Text Fields.

  • Fixed: Actions crashing the Android scene.

  • Fixed: Empty responses from the server will not crash the game but only throw an error.

  • Improvement: Smoothened Blinking.

  • Improvement: Smoothened Gaze-Following-based Neck movement.

  • Improvement: Plugin structure reorganization.

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