Moves To

This action enables a character to move to certain objects/characters present in its environment

By default, Convai Characters possess knowledge about the presence of other Convai characters within their environment.

1. Use Moves to with other Convai Characters present in the Environment.

Let's assume there are two Convai characters present in the virtual environment. We can ask one of the characters to move to the other character as shown here.

2. Use Moves To with other objects present in environment.

Steps: -

  • Click on your Convai character in present in scene.

  • In Outliner go to Convai Info section and then Click on the + icon near Objects.

  • Click on Pick Actor from Scene tool

  • Select any object from the scene and give it a Name and Description of choice.

  • Save the changes and ask your Convai character to move to the object your named.

  • The Convai character finally move to the object you added to its object list.

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