Mac Microphone Permission: Required for UE 5.0 and 5.3

The Convai plugin requires microphone access in Unreal Engine (UE) 5.0 and 5.3 on macOS.

Editor Mic Permission Setup

  1. Temporarily Disable SIP - Follow the instructions provided in the Disabling and Enabling SIP guide - Note: make sure to run the command csrutil disable in the terminal.

  2. Clone the tccutil Repository - Open the Terminal, and enter the following command to clone the repository: git clone

  3. Navigate to the tccutil Directory by entering cd tccutil into the terminal.

  4. Ensure Python is installed on your system. Run the tccutil command In the Terminal to allow microphone access for Unreal Engine: sudo python3 -e -id com.epicgames.UnrealEditor --microphone --enable

  5. Re-enable SIP Once the modifications are complete, follow the same guide to re-enable System Integrity Protection but this time run the command csrutil enable.

Packaging the app with Convai (Not required for MacOS 14.x)

After packaging your game, if you notice any crash or microphone not working then proceed to doing the following steps

  1. locate the Info.plist file in the packaged game directory. This is typically found by right-clicking the package, selecting 'Show Package Contents', and editing /Contents/Mac/Info.plist.

  2. Add the following entries to request microphone access:

<string>Your custom message explaining why Convai needs microphone access</string>
  1. Save the changes to the Info.plist file.

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