Importing Reallusion character and setting up the Convai plugin

This document explains how a Reallusion Character can be imported and used with the Convai Plugin.

Steps to import Reallusion Character and setting up with Convai Plugin: -

  1. Create / open a project in Unreal Engine and download the Reallusion auto setup for Unreal Engine from this link.

  2. Download > install > Open a folder based on your Unreal Engine version.

  1. Copy the Content and Plugins folder and paste them in your Unreal Engine project folder.

  1. Restart your project and create a new folder (say ‘Kevin’) in your content browser.

  2. Copy the .Fbx file (named as the character) from the export to ‘Kevin’ in the content browser and the FBX Import Options menu will pop up.

  3. Check the following options and click Import All :-

    • Use T0 As Ref Pose.

    • Import Morph Targets.

  4. Create a new folder named Animations within the Kevin folder and import all the animation file (named ‘_motion’ at the end) from the exported file from Reallusion.

  1. The FBX Import Options pop up again and Uncheck the Import Mesh and select your imported skeleton.

  2. Under Animation > advanced. Check the Use Default Sample Rate.

  3. Click Import All.

  4. Now install the Convai Plugin from Epic marketplace and restart the engine.

  5. Edit > Plugins.

  6. Search for ‘Convai’ and enable it by clicking the checkbox and restart.

  7. Create a new Blueprint Class within Kevin folder and under ALL CLASSES select ‘ConvaiBaseCharacter’.

  1. Open up the blueprint. Components > add > Skeletal Mesh.

  1. Under the details tab go to mesh > Skeletal Mesh and select the imported mesh named Kevin form Reallusion.

  1. To change the parent class of the player refer to this section.

  2. Finally add the Character Id by selecting the Character (from Convai website) you just added and you can enjoy talking to your AI buddy.

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