Change the parent class for Player.

This gives the player the ability for conversation with the chat bot.

This can be applied to first person player (FPP) or third person player (TPP).

Steps to change parent class of a First person player (FPP): -

  1. Create a new project as a first person project or import into your already existing project. Steps to import : - Content Browser > Add > Add feature or content pack to the project > First Person > Add to Project.

Steps to make your game a default First Person game: -

Steps: - Edit > Project Settings > Maps and modes > Default Mode > Default GameMode > BP_FirstPersonGameMode.

  1. Then go to All > Content > FirstPerson > Blueprints > BP_FirstPersonCharacter.

  2. Click Class Settings then in the Details section Under ‘Class Options’ change the parent class to ‘ConvaiBasePlayer’.

  1. Hit save and compile and you will be good to go.

For Third Person Player follow the same steps just by looking for Third Person

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