Binding objects to Reallusion Character

This document explains how to bind objects to the Reallusion character and perform action with that object.

Steps to bind objects to Reallusion character: -

  1. Go to Window > Place Actors > Search NavMeshBoundsVolume and drag it in the scene.

  1. Click the character in the scene (in this case click the Reallusion character) and head to the Details Panel.

    Details > Default > Objects > Click Add Element

  1. Now we need to select a reference for the object from the scene. Click on Pick Actor from Scene.

  1. Then select any object from the scene. We can also provide a name and description to the object in the scene. This will allow the player to interact with the objects.

  2. Save and then hit play to test the character to perform certain actions related to the object present which you just added.

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