Creating a Convai Powered Scene from Template

This guide will help you make a scene in unity with Convai Essentials already present in it. It will help you to get started with our plugin very fast.

Step 1) Open the New Scene window

You can open the new scene window by two ways, first by pressing Ctrl + N for windows or CMD + N for Mac on your keyboard, second way is to navigate to File -> New Scene

Step 2) Select Convai Scene Template

There will be many scene templates depending upon your project, but in this guide, we are interested in Convai Scene Template so select that and click on Create button.

Step 3) Save Created Scene

You can now save the newly created scene in the project at your desired location by either pressing Ctrl + S on Windows or CMD + S on Mac. Another method is to navigate to File -> Save Scene

This is open the Save Scene Window, choose your desired location, for this demo we will save it inside Demo folder, but you can save it anywhere in the assets directory.

Give your scene a name and then click on Save Scene button

Now you can import your Convai Character or your Custom Characters by following our complete guide on it

pageImporting RPM CharacterspageImporting Custom Characters

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