Convai Web SDK

Integrate Convai conversational services in your own web application


The convai-web-sdk is a powerful npm package that empowers developers to seamlessly integrate lifelike characters into web applications. This SDK facilitates the capture of user audio streams and provides appropriate responses in the form of audio, actions, and facial expressions. Whether you're building an interactive website, a chatbot, or a game, this package adds a human touch to your user experience.

Before you begin

Sign in to Convai and copy your API key. This will help you to converse with the avatar at a later step.

Install the package

Convai Web SDK is available as an npm package. Run the following command in the root of your React project to install the package.

npm install convai-web-sdk@latest

LTS Version: 0.0.6

Before you begin with the integration, make sure, you have created an account with Convai and have your own API-Key.

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