Core API Reference

Dive into the specifics of each API endpoint by checking out our complete documentation. The section is divided into all the services provided by Convai to it's developers.

Heads Up: Misuse of this API, for unethical or malicious activities is highly condemned and will trigger an automatic ban of the account, and the associated API key will be blacklisted from access.

While using the API, if a response with "Status code 500" is received, the user can contact Convai at with the "Reference ID" returned in the response to help in debugging.

Character API

All APIs related to creating and deploying your first smart NPC or Digital Assistant

pageCharacter API

Speech To Text API

All APIs you might need to deploy a fast and efficient transcription feature to whatever your user says.

pageSpeech To Text API

Text To Speech API

All APIs related to giving your NPC / Smart Assistant their very own voice

pageText To Speech API


All APIs related to other core NLP based services that Convai have opened up to its user to leverage it's best.

pageCharacter API

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