Adding Premade Chat and Settings UI

Use a premade player blueprint that already contains a Chat and Settings widget.

The goal of this guide is to easily show how to add a premade chat and settings widget to the UI by re-parenting the player blueprint, we will continue on the progress from the Simple Talking Cube guide.

It is recommended to remove the Convai Player component from the player blueprint that was created in the previous guide before proceeding with this guide.

  1. (Optional) If you do not have a player blueprint already, then you can import a first person or third person content into your already existing project.

  2. In the content browser, navigate to your player blueprint, which is by default at FirstPerson/Blueprint/BP_FirstPersonCharacter for First Person or ThirdPerson/Blueprint/BP_ThirdPersonCharacter which is the default for Third Person.

  3. Open the blueprint and click Class Settings then in the Details section Under Class Options change the parent class to ConvaiBasePlayer.

  1. Hit save, compile and hit play to test - use the T key to talk and Enter to text chat.

  2. Hit F10 to open the settings menu where you have various options, like testing your microphone and changing the chat widget layout.

For advanced use cases, you may not want to change the parent class of the player blueprint, in that case we encourage you to use the Convai Base Player Blueprint itself as reference to see how to add the Chat and Settings widget or even create your own widgets from scratch. We expect developers who are looking to implement everything from scratch or do customization to be advanced enough to navigate the blueprints on their own.

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