Settings Panel

Settings Panel - Customize settings using Convai's Unity plugin utilities.

Settings Panel consists of two main sections.

  • Audio Settings

  • Interface Settings

Audio Settings

Microphone Settings

The Microphone Settings section is primarily for troubleshooting and testing the microphone when using the Convai plugin.

  • In the Input section, you can view the microphones connected to your computer and select the desired one.

  • In the Test Input field, you can record your voice using the selected microphone in the Input section. After clicking Stop, you can listen to the recorded voice and observe the sound levels.

Interface Settings


The first setting that greets us here is the Appearance setting.

In the Appearance section, you can switch between Transcript UI designs.

There are three Transcript UI options:

  • ChatBox

  • QuestionAnswer

  • Subtitle

Display Name

The second section in Interface Settings is the Display Name section. This section allows you to change how the user's name appears in the Transcript UI.

Notifications Checkmark

The last section in Interface Settings is the Notifications Checkmark.

Convai sometimes displays notifications on the screen to inform the user. If you want to disable these notifications, you can click the checkbox here. ( If the box is green, it's active. If empty, it's inactive )

For more information about notifications, you can refer to this link.

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