Convai Module Not Found

This problem arises when ConvaiOVRLipSync is not added to the project.

There are two ways to resolve this issue.

  1. Convert your Blueprint project to a C++ project. Steps to convert: -

    • Navigate to the Tools menu, and choose 'New C++ class...' from the provided options.

    • Select any parent class from the menu that appears. For simplicity, we opt for 'None' in this case. Proceed by clicking on 'Next'.

    • Provide any name and proceed by selecting 'Create Class'.

    • Once done, close the Unreal Engine editor and then start it again by clicking on build project in Microsoft Visual Studio code.

  2. Copy the ConvaiOVRLipSync plugin to the Plugins directory within the engine.

    • Refer to this section to add CovnaiOVRLipSync.

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