Setting Up Unity Plugin

Follow these instructions to setup the Unity Plugin into your project.
The file structure belongs to the Core version of the plugin downloaded from the documentation.

Setting up Unity Plugin

In the Menu Bar, go the Convai > Convai Setup.
Enter the API Key and click begin.
This will create an APIKey asset in the resources folder. This contains your API Key.
Click the Convai gRPC NPC GameObject and add the Character ID. Now you can converse with the character. The script is set up so that you have to get near to the character for them to hear you.
Now you can test out the Convai Streaming Demo Scene and talk to the Character Present there. Her name is Ellen, by the way, and she is a member of the Stellar Survey Corps.
You can open the Convai NPC Script to replicate or build on the script to create new NPCs.
Edit the ConvaiNPC.cs script directly to maintain compatibility with the Utility scripts.