Unity Plugin


Convai's Unity plugin provides you with all the tools you need to integrate conversational AI into your Unity projects. Convai offers specialized NLP-based services to build intelligent NPCs or Digital Assistants for your application, effectively converting manual labor into automated operations. Please refer to our website for a full tour of our services and support for other engines.
Download the Unity Plugin from this link.
There are two plugins: ConvaiforUnity_vX.Y.Z.unitypackage uses SSE and is slower. ConvaiforUnity_vX.Y.Z-beta.unitypackage uses gRPC and is faster. This version of the plugin is in development and can be unstable.


The plugin currently offers the following services:
Character API
This is the core feature of Convai. The Character API empowers your NPCs with intelligence and allows them to converse with you and follow your orders (You can create your character and test it out here).
Speech-to-Text API
The Speech-to-Text API converts the speech inputs into text output with low latency and high fidelity (Test them out here).
The Text-to-Speech API converts text input into speech output and plays it in one of our many beautiful voices (Check them out here).