Importing RPM Characters

Follow these instructions to bring a character from the Convai Playground into your Unity Project.

Import RPM characters from the Convai Playground

This is how you can import characters from the Convai Playground into your Unity Project.

In the Menu Bar, go the Convai > Character Importer.

Enter the Character ID and click Import.

If you are unsure how to get the character ID, click the "How do I create a character?".

You can get the character ID from the Character Description.

The downloading will take a while. On successful download, you will see the character in the scene with the same GameObject as the character ID.

This character will automatically be set up with the basic Convai Setup including the ConvaiNPC Script and Out-Of-Box Animations.

If you are facing issues with the animations in your imported character, make sure to change the animation type of Ellen@IdleNew and Ellen@TalkingNew Animations in the Assets/Convai/Animations folder to Humanoid.

Now you are ready to set up the character with transcriptions.

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