ElevenLabs API Integration

This is a guide on how to integrate your elevenlabs voices to convai characters

Note : If you are receiving token errors while speaking with your characters, please confirm your ElevenLabs subscription is valid and you have a remaining token quota on your ElevenLabs.io dashboard.

Step 1. Go to elevenlabs.io and head to your Profile section

Step 2. On the Profile section, copy your API key

Step 3. Next, login to convai.com and open your Profile page

Step 4. On the bottom right corner "API Integration" click on "Add New Key" button

Step 5. A pop up will appear then, select ElevenLabs, then paste your API key and click Add.

Note : Currently, only ElevenLabs account with the Pro plan and higher are compatible. It will take some time (~12 hrs) for your voices be visible in Convai dashboard. You can accelerate the process for viewing new voices by removing and adding your API key again.

Step 6. Go to any character and under their Character Description, select Character's Voice, scroll to the bottom and you will see a new section "Elevenlabs-Private-Voices" and all of your voices will be visible there. Select as desired and utilize.

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