Neck and Eye Tracking

Follow these steps to enable your character's head and eyes to follow the player.
While this is not an in-built Convai feature, you can easily allow your characters to follow the player with there head and eyes.

Add Animation Rigging

You will need the Animation Rigging Package. To import it, go to Windows > Package Manager.
Go to the Unity Registry.
In the Packages Tab, Scroll down to find the package Animation Rigging and Click Install.

Add Rigs and Configure them

Go to your character's GameObject and add a Rig Builder Component.
Add an empty child GameObject. Name it Neck Rig.
In the NeckRig, add a Rig Component and a Multi-Aim Constraint Component.
Find the head or neck bone of the model. You will have to choose it carefully, since every model is different. Pick the one that seems to move the head around.
In the Multi-Anim Constraint component, add the Neck/Head GameObject to the Constrained Object field and the in the Source Objects, add the Camera GameObject of the Player GameObject.
Check the orientation of your model's neck GameObject (Toggle the Tool Handle Rotation to Local). Update the Aim Axis and the Up Axis based on that.
Set the Min Limit and Max Limit fields to -45 and 45 respectively, so that the neck rotation is not uncanny.
Back in the NPC GameObject, Set the Rig field in the Rig Builder as the NeckRig GameObject.