Connect a ReadyPlayerMe 3D Avatar

Here we demonstrate how you can connect your own ReadyPlayerMe avatar with a character.

When you create a new character, it loads with a default 3D ReadyPlayerMe avatar. You can easily configure and upload your own customized 3D avatar from ReadyPlayerMe (RPM) with a few simple steps.

We are currently working towards allowing users to upload their custom models directly. Stay tuned for more updates.

Follow these steps to create your custom RPM avatar for your character:


  1. Open and visit the Dashboard section of the playground. You have to log in to access this page.

  2. Click on the character that you wish to edit. This will open the character creator tool.

  3. You will notice that the page already has a 3D model that Convai randomly assigns when the character is first created. To add your own model, click on the Configure Avatar option from the left menu. This will open the RPM Avatar Creator section.

  4. In the RPM Avatar Creator section, you can either sign in to RPM and access one of your existing characters, or you can create a completely new one. Here we will create one from scratch. As the character I have chosen is a female, I will select the Feminine option.

  5. You can now upload a photo to create an avatar from or you can continue without one. I will select the Continue without a photo option.

  6. Now select a facial structure to start with. We'll select the first one for our example. Click on Next.

  7. Now you can configure your avatar just the way you want. RPM provides a list of configurable options starting with minute facial structure and details, to hair style, to dress, and many more. All of these are available on the right-hand side of the RPM Avatar Creator section. Once you are satisfied with the avatar, click on NEXT at the top right corner.

  8. You should now have your own custom RPM avatar. Once the processing completes, you will be able to see the avatar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Now, every time you open your character details page, your newly created avatar will appear.

We currently do not support editing an existing avatar. To make any change, you have to start from scratch. Or, you can log in with an RPM account to easily access and edit existing characters.

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